About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for relaxation and stress relief that also promotes a pure form of healing. It is a warm soothing energy that flows from the hands, heart and feet, out of the practitioner into the client. Reiki is guided by Spiritual Consciousness, the practioner acts as a channel for spirit to come through. Reiki can never do harm and always knows what a person needs, adjusting itself to create an effect that is appropriate. 

Each person is very unique in how they feel and experience an energy treatment, and each treatment will also feel very different, as the practice will continue to shift and change, similar to meditation practice. 

Trust that you are receiving just what you need on that day. Come with an open mind and heart for the experience. 


My Studio

My studio is located in my home, I please ask that you not bring along guests as there is no waiting area within the studio. A spot will be secured on my driveway for your vehicle, out of respect for my neighbors I request that you refrain from parking on the street.

Because this is my home, if anyone enters with obvious cold/flu symptoms I will ask you to leave and a session will not be conducted at that time. If we have a scheduled appointment and you become ill, please do not come to the appointment and we can reschedule. Finally, I am fully vaccinated against COVID, but if you would prefer I wear a mask during your treatment, please let me know. I do not require guests to wear a mask during treatment.

Sessions cost $60 per hour and are paid after the time of service. Cash and checks are the only accepted means of payment.

Sessions are by appointment only, with no walk-in availability. If you find benefit in my services, I would love and appreciate if you would recommend me anyone you believe would enjoy this new local business.

My home is pet-free and a non-smoking environment.